2010 Seattle ADDY Awards

Last week the Seattle ADDY Awards were held and Andre and I did pretty dang well. Together we took home 11 awards, 2 gold and 9 silver, and our old digs (TM Seattle) took home 16 total. All in all, it was a pretty good show and we had a nice haul. And honestly, I don’t think we had anticipated on doing quite as well as we did, but heck, we’ll take it.

A big thanks to all the others to played a pivotal role in the agency to make all the work actually take shape and become that much better; Forrest Healy, Zach Hitner, Susana Cascais, Megan Sczesny, Leslie Hardy, Curtis Jackson and Sharron Higbee. Not to mention the great clients at Group Health and Redhook Ale. Same goes for the Seattle Ad Club for putting on a fantastic event.

If you weren’t able to make it to the awards night, do the next best thing and take a stroll through the Flickr set.