Guaranteed Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

Back in February 2004, you’d find me roaming the halls of Brainco: The Minneapolis School of Advertising & Design. It was a great place to be and one of the funnest periods in my life. During this time is when I started working on this campaign for Craftsman Tools and honing my skills as an ad person.  I say “ad person” because at the time, we weren’t working with partners yet and I took a lot of pride in doing the writing, along with the art direction and photography. I even created the font, which was something new for me. So since this campaign was a pretty important stepping stone for me, I wanted to share them and give them a little more light.

On a side note, I really like the new Craftsman tagline, “Trust. In Your Hands.” In a world where people can’t work on their own cars and buy near-disposable Ikea furniture, it’s a sentiment that really carries some weight. Coming from a household where my dad’s first instinct was to build it yourself before you even think about pulling out your wallet, it makes me a little sad to think that working with your hands is a lost art. Luckily, Craftsman is the perfect brand to get people back in their garage and it makes me happy to see they realize this.

CLIENT: Craftsman Tools
AD/CW/PHOTO: Andy Westbrock
INSTRUCTORS: Erik Kvålseth & Grant Bernstein
SCHOOL: Brainco