Meet the Compeoples

We look at our computers all day long (at least it seems like I do). Whether it’s a laptop, or a smartphone, or an iPad tablet bla bla, our eyes are often glued to some type of screen. But that also means these high tech devices are looking back at us, right? Why not.

So with that in mind, Compeoples were born – digital faces you add to your computerly devices to bring out their inner personality. Check them out:

All the computer wallpapers are built to 1440×900, but if you’d like any different size, just email me and I’ll make one up. Same goes for colors or faces (if they work for the proportions). I also tried to get the iPhone5 wallpapers to fit nicely in between the lock screen UI, and to work nicely both vertical and horizontal for the iPad. But either way, I hope you guys like them and actually use them. I know when I pull out my phone and see it smiling back, it does kinda brighten my day in a small way. Obviously my computer desktop is usually too cluttered with crap for that to happen much, but it certainly can’t hurt.