Needle Felting the Manly Way

As a man who’s comfortable with his manliness, I decided to make some girly felt earrings for the ladies in my life. Which if you think about it, is pretty manly.

If you’re not familiar with needle felting, it’s actually a cool process involving wool and sharp objects. Basically, you take a wad of loose felt wool fibers and poke the hell out of them with a needle that has backwards barbs on it. This packs everything together as the barbs grab and pull the fibers into place, making whatever shapes you want. The process goes something like this: HERE.

Now to be quite honest, making little felt balls like this is actually quite rudimentary and the first thing one makes when learning needle felting. But I don’t care. They were still pretty fun to make and a good thing to cut my teeth on. The same goes for bending the wire to actually turn them into things to hang from your ears.