Send and You Shall Receive

I’m cutting it close, but last night I whipped up an envelope and dropped it in the mail for the Lil’ Happy Invisible Creature S.A.S.E. Club, put on by none other than the very talented guys of Invisible Creature. Luckily, it won’t have to travel far from Seattle to make it to Seahurst, WA, because the deadline is Sept 1st.

It’s a pretty cool deal they have going on here. You design and send them a self-addressed stamped envelope, then they send it back with all kinds of mystery goodies. And they could be sending anything. Well, probably not live animals, drugs or explosives because those are prohibited by the USPS. But there’s a lot of cool stuff you can fit inside a #10 envelope and if there’s anyone to fill it it with amazing stuff it’s Invisible Creature. Plus, the whole thing is a fun idea all around.

So if you’ve yet to send in an envelope to the Lil’ Happy Invisible Creature S.A.S.E Club, perhaps there’s still time. Grab some markers, paints or whatever and get to it. Don’t miss an opportunity for a bit of nostalgia and a chance to use the postal service for what they’re really intended for, bringing you cool stuff.