The Gut of Mt. Hood

Back in February I got the opportunity to spend a weekenddown in Government Camp, OR with my good friend, Mr. Lucas P. Will. Now his middle name isn’t actually anything that starts with the letter “P”, but that’s beside the point. The point is Mr. Lucas P. Will basically lives right in the gut of Mt. Hood and is next door neighbors with both Timberline Lodge andMt. Hood Meadows. Needless to say, it’s a good spot to find yourself.

It being February and all meant we had to ski/snowboard and ski/snowboard we did. I on a snowboard, Lucas on skis. I even tried my hand at riding with a camera to document the experience on the way down.

Lucas has since moved on from his cabin on the mountain, but hopefully we’ll get to do more riding together this coming season. Keep and eye out for that Lucas though. He and Greg Petry plan to circumnavigate Lake Superior so chances are you’ll see him in a kayak.