Happy Halloween

Last October on a hike to Minotaur Lake we climbed over a small group of rocks to find a lakeside lunch spot only to look down and find this young buck not doing so well.

Although, it was really confusing as to why a seemingly healthy young deer would be floating dead in the water. It didn't make sense. Later, hiking around the lake, we found a large bird torn to pieces and some mystery poop with fur in it nearby. So this was the scenario we put together; the deer ran into the lake as a means to escape a mountain lion. But if you've ever been to Minotaur Lake, the back half is steep rock, one side rises up to 6,376' Labyrinth Mtn, the other drops down 500' to Theseus Lake below. Which leaves the shoreline along the front half easily accessible, by say, a speedy mountain lion looking for a meal. The trapped deer never conceded defeat to the mountain lion, instead chose to tread the frigid waters until he could no longer swim.

Happy Halloween!