You & Me

One of the best things about advertising is when you can put your efforts into actually helping a good cause. Working with good clients on good brands is always nice, but it’s extra rewarding when it’s something you can actually see making a difference in the world.

So for their 15th annual fundraising event, Powerful Voices, a non-profit organization that serves at risk girls and helps them find their voice through writing and poetry, asked us to create a video to help raise donations. From there we got to meet a handful of the PV girls and were able to collaborate using a mash-up of their own poetry and prose. They even made for some wonderful first-time models. Then last month during the event held at the Seattle Art Museum, we got to debut “You & Me” in front of a packed house. And the icing on the cake is they not only met their fundraising goal, they exceeded it.  Nothing beats that.

And be sure to donate yourself if you want to help a cause that actually makes a positive impact on tons of young girls in the Seattle area.