Fat Cats on Door Mats

I hope this is the first of many in my new series aptly titled, "Fat Cats on Door Mats." If I find more over-weight felines lounging in front of doors, I will surely post them here. Check back often. You may choose to just keep this tab open and refresh it every few minutes or so.

Seattle, Washington


If you haven't been, it's a pretty great place. So I made some watercolor type for the city which I call home. 

Happy Halloween

Last October on a hike to Minotaur Lake we climbed over a small group of rocks to find a lakeside lunch spot only to look down and find this young buck not doing so well.

Although, it was really confusing as to why a seemingly healthy young deer would be floating dead in the water. It didn't make sense. Later, hiking around the lake, we found a large bird torn to pieces and some mystery poop with fur in it nearby. So this was the scenario we put together; the deer ran into the lake as a means to escape a mountain lion. But if you've ever been to Minotaur Lake, the back half is steep rock, one side rises up to 6,376' Labyrinth Mtn, the other drops down 500' to Theseus Lake below. Which leaves the shoreline along the front half easily accessible, by say, a speedy mountain lion looking for a meal. The trapped deer never conceded defeat to the mountain lion, instead chose to tread the frigid waters until he could no longer swim.

Happy Halloween!

Fall Has Fallen

In honor of the first day of fall, here's an old photo I took along the Superior Hiking Trail in 2003 as Lucas Will and I were doing the year end trail maintenance on a section near Silver Bay, MN.

For some reason this shot always stuck out in my memory, even 12 years later. Must be the crazy fall colors on that blue Minnesota sky!


Taken on Kodak 35mm film. 

NPS Turns 99

Happy 99th Birthday to our National Park Service—arguably our country's second best idea. Someone has to look after and care for these special places and those who call those special places home, like this Black Tailed Deer in Olympic Nat'l Park.


Felix's 2000th Strikeouts

A huge congrats to King Felix Hernandez on reaching 2000 strikeouts today, becoming the fourth youngest pitcher ever to do so in MLB history.  And he did it on Mother's Day, in front of a hot pink clad Kings Court, just to make it that much more interesting during a 4-3 win over the Oakland A's.

Anyway, this was a little thing I made for the @copacino IG and Twitter feed to announce Felix's new milestone. 

14 Hands: Where Great Times are Made

14 Hands isn’t your run-of-the-mill wine made from your average vineyard. It’s different. They go beyond the norm. Where other’s just stick to water and sun to grow their grapes, 14 Hands does that, but also adds a little something extra. Perhaps it’s some extra excitement, or a little extra fun. Either way, you can taste the difference.

CLIENT: 14 Hands Vineyards
AD: Andy Westbrock
CW: Andy Corbett
CD: Mike Hayward
DIR: David Viau & Will Hyde
PROD: Strange & Wonderful
AGENCY: Copacino+Fujikado

Paddle In Hand

Growing up in Minnesota you’re around a lot of water. Even more so when you live in a town called White Bear Lake. And one of the formative people in all of this is my friend Lucas Will. Together we encouraged each other to get kayaks while we were High School, and would regularly go paddle after class. We’d also just sit out on the water, hang out and enjoy the the outdoors.

This is where we started to form our love for paddling. Except Luke just took it a little further than I did. He’s since been an Alaskan kayak guidepaddled around the worlds largest body of freshwater, Lake Superior, and now he’s paddling down one of the worlds most iconic rivers, the Mississippi. The whole thing. From the headwaters of Lake Itasca, to the Gulf of Mexico. 2530 miles in all.

So to mark this enormous three month long journey, I helped Luke with a logo for his newly formed “adventure brand” (if you will), apply named Paddle In Hand. Along with a few other variations and icons. And hopefully this is just the start of things to come for Luke and Paddle In Hand. So keep an eye on this stuff because it’s only going to grow.

Also, be sure to follow Luke and his dog Tisher on their epic journey. He’s giving daily updates on the PiH Facebook page. And if you live along The Mighty Mississippi, swing by and wave at them as they float past.

Winter Adventures 2012/13

This winter I’ve been doing my best to get out and enjoy all the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Particularly on my snowshoes. I’ve also been doing my best to chronicle these snowy adventures. Not only for myself and my friends who are along for these journeys, but also for my friends and family who live in far away lands and can’t be there to see the incredible beauty of the snow covered Cascade Mountains.

So if you fit into any of those categories, check out the Flickr set of all these adventures here. Unfortunately it’s mostly just been with my crummy iPhone camera, but it’s hard to beat the size and the fact that IT’S ALWAYS WITH YOU. Luckily the shear incredibleness of these winter wonderlands makes up for it. And hopefully the size of this set will only continue to grow as the number of these adventures grows.

Biker and Bar

I was going through some old photos recently, and came across this one I had always liked. It was from the first roll I ever shot through my old 1950s Toyocaflex TLR 120 camera while I was out walking around in the fall of 2011 to give it a test. I was down in SoDo near the port, and happened to be walking past an old favorite dive bar near where I used to work called Hooverville. So I pretended to take a shot of the glowing neon sign while this (probably) tough biker guy enjoyed himself a cigarette. Although, he didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Meet the Compeoples

We look at our computers all day long (at least it seems like I do). Whether it’s a laptop, or a smartphone, or an iPad tablet bla bla, our eyes are often glued to some type of screen. But that also means these high tech devices are looking back at us, right? Why not.

So with that in mind, Compeoples were born – digital faces you add to your computerly devices to bring out their inner personality. Check them out:

All the computer wallpapers are built to 1440×900, but if you’d like any different size, just email me and I’ll make one up. Same goes for colors or faces (if they work for the proportions). I also tried to get the iPhone5 wallpapers to fit nicely in between the lock screen UI, and to work nicely both vertical and horizontal for the iPad. But either way, I hope you guys like them and actually use them. I know when I pull out my phone and see it smiling back, it does kinda brighten my day in a small way. Obviously my computer desktop is usually too cluttered with crap for that to happen much, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Happy V-Day!

I really love cereal. And after I found this, it’s good to know cereal loves me, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.