Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Trailer

Advertising is one of those great creative pursuits where you never do anything completely on your own. It’s always a team effort. And that was definitely the case for this project for the 15th annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. So to create this years trailer, the guys at Frank Unlimited teamed up with me, who, with Loaded Pictures and Pure Audio, were all teamed up with the fine folks over at the Three Dollar Bill Cinema, who do all the hard work to actually put on the SLGFF. Plus, all the actors and other talent who ran through the mean streets of Seattle to allow this whole thing come together.

CLIENT: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
CW/AD: Forrest HealyZach Hitner & Andy Westbrock
AD AGENCY: Frank Unlimited
DIRECTOR: Matthew J. Clark
PROD: Loaded Pictures
SOUND: Scott Weiss, Pure Audio