Magnus the Strongman

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Step right up and prepare your eyes to see the strongest man in the whole wide world. You’ve heard the stories, you’ve told the tales. Well, brace yourself for the real thing. He stands a full 6 feet 8 inches tall, weighs in at over 310 lbs, and comes to us all the way from Kitzbühel, Austria. The one, the only, the mightiest man this side of the equator, Magnus the Strongman.

I’ve been trying my best to post a wide range of things that make, whether that be photographyads or a pin made from a root beer bottle cap. Unfortunately, one thing that has been sorely overlooked has been my illustration. Well, here is a step in the right direction, and a commitment to keep doing more.

So that brings us to Magnus the Strongman. He doesn’t have a purpose other than I wanted to draw him. Actually, he was laying around from an old project that got derailed, and I never got to finish him. So after some more attention, he gets to finally see the light of day.