The legend of Llamosus

For those that claim llamas aren’t majestic, clearly have never met Llamosus, King of the Llamas. When he isn’t seen posing atop sunny hillsides and scenic overlooks, Llamosus can be found freeing animals trapped in petting zoos and spitting all on those within a fourteen foot radius who spread injustice within the animal kingdom.

In a world run by mega-corporations, we cannot police ourselves. We need the watchful eye of God-like llama. Someone who without fear, can turn wrong into right, night into day and bring hope to those who have none.

So the next time you’re taking a stroll though a steep canyon or standing beneath a picturesque waterfall, don’t be surprised if you see a mighty llama gazing down upon you. And if you look real close, you just might see that hoofed hero is none other than… Llamosus.