“White Oven on White” No.2 – Polaroid

Keep an eye out for more Polaroids. After I round up enough, I’ll start to add them into the Photography page. But for now, please be patient. Or go check out Robert Whitman’s portfolio. Specifically under the “8os My Livingroom” and “Eryn Brenie” sections. You’ll find enough Polaroid goodness to quench your instant-film thirst there. Also be sure to check out his other work. He’s the guy who shot everything for that awesome Canadian Club “Damn Right Your Dad Drank It” campaign that’s been running over the past year and some. Or maybe it’s been two already.

But this also brings up the topic on how awesome photographers are. Not just what they do as a profession, but who they are as people. And the test of a good photographer is how much cooler they are than the average human. They’ve traveled to the deepest corners of the world, slept with more models than they can remember and met more celebrities than most celebrities. If you take a stroll through Mr. Whitman’s work, you can tell that guy has lived a life worth capturing on film and has plenty of stories worth listening to. And having that kind of person behind a camera has to make for better images. At least that’s my philosophy anyway.

For instance, Whitman has photos like this, whereas I have a few shots of an kitchen appliance.