Perched atop the Swiss Alps exists the International Tennis Court, the game’s highest, oldest, smartest, best looking and most respected governing body. For over 138 years, people have trusted the Tennis Court to deliver some of the toughest decisions in the sport of tennis. They were there for the monumental cases between Borg vs. McEnroe, Sampras vs. Agassi, and who could forget the pivotal Wood vs. Steel trial of the late 1960s. Now the watchful eye of the ITC has turned to the new and controversial Wilson Juice and Steam rackets. Do they create an unfair advantage with possible illegal amounts of power and spin? Only the Tennis Court can decide. Join us as we follow the trial of these two new rackets.


CLIENT: Wilson Tennis | AD: Andy Westbrock | CW: Andre Vriesman | CD: Cal McAllister | AGENCY: Wexley School for Girls | DIR: Jason Zada | DP: Morgan Susser | PROD: Tool of North America | EDIT: Asako Ushio | EDIT: Cosmo Street